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Transparency At It’s Finest – Nendo Furniture Design

Japanese designer Nendo has released some new furniture designs that have left the viewer baffled. The concept behind the 2011 furniture collection is Transparency. We must say the chair does look like it defies gravity. Take a look at the collection below.


The Human Spirograph – Tony Orrico

Tony Orrico, a dancer/artist, is a human spirograph. His performances, some lasting up to 4 hours, are definitely ones to watch. The beautiful creations that result from such fluid movement is a site to see. Take a look at some of the stills below.

Coffee Joulies – your coffee just right

Sick of burning your mouth on your hot drink of choice? Well Coffee Joulies will become your best friend then. These stainless steel coffee bean shaped devices use thermodynamic energy to store the excess heat frm your fave caffeinated (or de-caffeinated) beverage and store that energy to keep your drink at the perfect temperature.

Alexander McQueen – Fall 2011

Sarah Burton honoured Alexander McQueen with her Fall 2011 collection. She set the stage in Marie Antoinette’s prison, where McQueen had previously exhibited his “wolf” collection. As the clothes hit the runway Burton showed that she has essentially become one with the McQueen brand, chanelling the genius himself.

Chanel Takes On The Dark World

Karl Lagerfeld quoted saying that “The World is a Dark Place” after his Chanel Fall 2011 collection was exhibited in Paris. The background was smouldering rock and dark clouds, while the clothes carried the same feel. Baggy pants, layered coats, and flats the typical tailored Chanel suits were no where to be found. The result was a beautiful collection more tailored to the modern young woman. We absolutely love the colours and the details on the coats. Check out our fave looks below.

Yves Saint Laurent – A Tribute To Mr. Laurent

Stefano Pilati told the world that he went through the Yves Saint Laurent archives from 1962 to the late 70’s and he wowed the fashion world with his interpretation of that time. The tribute to the classic Yves Saint Laurent style could not have been more perfectly done with a modern twist even if Mr. Laurent did it himself. We love the mid thigh coat dresses.

Stella McCartney – Masculine Meets Feminine

Stella McCartney took her Masculine look to another level for the upcoming Fall 2011 collection. Albeit some of the looks were a little baggier than expected, the touch of femininity with the see-through fabrics of polkadots were just the right amount. Take a look below.

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