EFX – The wave of the future, currently the wave of Europe

I was introduced to these bracelets by a friend who was visiting from France. Him and his girlfriend were sporting this new age rubberband bracelets which sparked my attention.

The EFX bracelet is a holographic technology that contains algorithms and frequencies that interact positively with the energy field in both humans and animals at a cellular level. When placed near the body, especially at key energy centers such as the hands and feet, EFX’s products will harmonize with the body’s naturally occurring bioelectric frequencies.

EFX effectively tunes the body, immediately unleashing its full potential for function and performance.
Some of the most notable results include:
  • Increased balance and strength
  • Enhanced flexibility and motion
  • Better focus and alertness
  • Relief of stress and tension
  • Faster recovery time
  • Abatement of jet lag and motion sickness

I picked up one and the immediate difference in balance and strength is really astonishing.

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