My newest favourite snack… You won’t regret it. Trust me. Go get it. I said go. Now. Why are you still at the computer screen???

Go AHEAD skip the gym! (For today and maybe only once, keep going if you’ve got a rhythm by all means)

Sitting at only 80 calories per 1.5 cups I wouldn’t even feel bad eating 3 cups or more of corn.

Kernels has gotten to my heart through my stomach. Air Caramel is exactly what those cravings need

Get cha popcorn ready…

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To all of those who have decided to log in... Welcome! To those who haven't made such fine choices, I'll see you soon. The purpose of this blog is to indulge! Take 5-10 or even 45 minutes out of your day to, well... Love yourself. Don't worry no one will judge you. We are here to talk Fashion, Beauty, Home, Food, and other undefinitve activities that take over the mind. View all posts by narcissusblog

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